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Stuck, overwhelmed, confused & frustrated?

Feel like giving up but know you have a calling to share your gifts, talents or awesome products?

Feel like you're hitting a brick wall in your business that's impacting your life?

Are you struggling, desperate for clients and income?  Is your business a money pit and you can't see a way out?  Are you confused & overwhelmed, frustrated that this just never seems to work?

It doesn't have to be like this...If you want to transform to build and achieve...

  • A Successful, Sustainable and Profitable Business
  • Complete Clarity & Courage; knowing exactly what your next steps are and feeling confident about each one
  • Focus and Alignment: Offering the right products and services at the right price, in the right way to suit your lifestyle and commitments, knowing you're making a difference and serving your clients and customers at a whole new level!

...You're in the right place and this is for EVERYONE!

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What's In It For Me? Why Should I Join?

'As soon as you join the EEA you'll get instant access to all the current modules, plus access to future modules.  This is for those of you who are ready to rock and really go for it.  A word of warning to these amazing people - PLEASE BE SURE TO ACTUALLY DO THE WORK AND IMPLEMENT, don't just listen and learn without taking the ACTIONS I'm going to be asking of you.  Information and knowledge WITHOUT implementation is just more clutter and overwhelm.  I want doers in this group because I'm SO passionate about YOU getting MAXIMUM results!

If you're starting out or would like to work in a more structured way, or like many of my client's you're balancing building your business with a job or busy family, you'll love the fact that you get a weekly email with a link to the next Module, so you can ensure you're doing the right things at the right times and that you're giving yourself enough time to implement.

Value £ 297 per month

Every month there is a LIVE training call and Q and A with me, that's where A LOT of the magic happens, from ironing out any problems or resistance you may be experiencing, brainstorm ideas, coming up with your next action steps, supporting and motivating you so together we are really able to push your business to the next level.

Value £ 297 per month

The members of my Private Facebook Community are also rock stars at supporting you and keeping you accountable.  Ask any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you, surrounding yourself with like-minded people by being part of an amazing community is key to your success, so it's hard to put a value on this one.  It WILL depend on what you're prepared to share and how involved you want to be or become.

Minimum Value £ 97 per month...Maximum Value Priceless!


TOTAL VALUE: £691 per month

Total Actual Investment: £197 per month

YOU SAVE: £494 per month!

We're convinced that the value of this program is way more than just £197 per month, £691 per month in fact!

Maybe you're feeling suspicious because it's such good value for money - you're thinking, 'What's the Catch?"  The honest truth is that I there isn't one!  I could put the price up yes, but my whole philosophy for designing and sharing the EEA was to reach those who cannot afford to work with me privately. Those who probably can't afford other coaching programs, because they simply don't include the opportunity for one-to-one coaching on our monthly calls, so they know they won't get the results they so desperately crave and deserve.

I am convinced that people like you deserve a chance,  I believe in you. I know you are not lacking in commitment or belief in yourself to make a truly cannot afford high priced programmes!

Join me now and help me to prove wrong all those who say that not being able to afford coaching is simply an excuse!

Not that you'll want to, but if for some reasons we fail to deliver on any of the above or you're not ready just yet to transform (I'll be helping you with that too), you can cancel your membership at any time.


Special one-off payment price £1997.00 for lifetime access

Don't take my word for it!

Lynann Dunker, Dog Star Wisdom Creations LLC

EEA Member Interview

Michelle C Michelle C, The Uncaged Revolution

When Liz and I started working together I was in a pretty bad way. I'd had so many hopes, dreams and ideas but no success in either my web design or coaching business.

Instead, I was running myself ragged trying to run two businesses around my kids, working into the early hours and neglecting myself, my closest relationships and not getting any clients.

In a very short time, Liz was able to break through some significant money blocks that I never knew I had that were not only impacting my business but also my life.

I have released so many of the negative emotions that were holding me back and I now find myself working significantly less (in bed by 10 most nights), having more quality time with my family and actually getting results

Annette K Annette K, Outside the Text Box

Before working with Liz, I felt that although I was good at my job, I wasn't in control. My income fluctuated and although I always survived it made me feel panicked and uncertain. I felt every time I tried to grow my business I hit a brick wall.

I was overwhelmed by all I was trying to do. I could not control my emotional reactions to challenges. I couldn't get anything done and all I could think of was making money.

Once I started working with Liz my whole perspective shifted. I learned to look at things logically and rationally. My panic subsided and because of that I am getting so much more done.

I trust myself more , pace myself more and feel far more in control. I look at realistic options and smaller steps and I keep moving forward and am not so overwhelmed.

Amazingly as soon as I stopped focusing on the need for money the money started arriving. I have tried to do this before and failed and I am so glad I am now working with Liz as I see how I can really be the authentic person I was meant to be.

I feel so hopeful and positive now that I have left behind so much negativity and low self worth. Liz has helped me to see far more clearly all the possibilities in my business and focus on moving forward.

What makes the EEA different?

Maybe you feel as if you've heard it all before? Perhaps you've tried membership sites, training courses, webinars that promised you success and you were disappointed?

I get results not because I'm a fancy guru, or a million dollar speaker. I get results because I get you...I have been there, frustrated, afraid, angry and disappointed. I know how hard it is to follow your dream and how easy it is to fall into the trap of shiny object syndrome and overwhelm.

If you put in the work and follow the mindset training as well as the practical business coaching, you will succeed. You need both and that is what I offer. I don't just throw a zillion tasks at you and leave you to sink. I will cheer you on and give you a kick up the proverbial when you feel stuck or unmotivated.

Your success is my motivation and my dream - to empower and enlighten entrepreneurs to make their mark in the world, create massive transformation and change and to allow people to have the business that lights them up and and the life they love, deserve and have been searching for endlessly.  Your search can stop now - it's time to implement!

Still not sure? Jump on the phone with me and we'll talk it through

Take a sneak peek at some of the modules inside the academy...

This may help you to trust your intuition and sign up!

You're probably feeling fearful about signing up, right?  You're not alone - most of my clients feel exactly the same when they begin - it means you're NORMAL!  It also means HUGE transformation very quickly - I'm a genius at shifting fear and recognising it for what it is - our bodies trying to keep us safely within our comfort zones! But I know that's not where you truly want to be.  I also know it's virtually impossible to step outside it alone and without guidance.

It's very easy to think Fear is our intuition guiding us to say No.  Don't confuse the two, that's exactly what the fear is trying to do - mask your intuition because that means that some hard work, some investment but most of all MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION is just around the corner.  That in itself is scary, but it's also VERY EXCITING and the RIGHT things for your life's path right now.  Trust your intuition, trust me and come aboard!

Module #1 Clarity What’s Possible? Why is it important to you?

In this module you will focus on achieving clarity about WHAT you want to achieve, HOW you will achieve it and your WHY for running your business.

Module #2 Getting clear on your 90 day plan

In this module you will get clear on what distractions prevent you from achieving the focus you need to succeed.

Module #3 Mindset Week - Everything happens in threes!

In this module you will learn some tips and techniques to allow the learning we’ve done so far to really embed and take effect. Crush that overwhelm by simplifying, not adding to your life and your to-do list.

Module #4 Conversation Starters -so much better than an elevator pitch!

In this module you will learn the absolutely essential gift of acing your ‘Elevator Pitch’ or as I prefer to call it, your ‘Conversation Starter (far less triggering that calling it an ‘Elevator Pitch”)!

Module #5 Your Network is your Net Worth!

‘You are the Sum of the top 5 people you hang out with most.’ In this module you will learn how to access the energy and connections of the right people for your business success.

Topics that will be covered in the Enlightened Entrepreneur Academy Modules

I am comitted to bringing you training that is current and actionable. So much changes in the world of an entrepreneur, it is important that you are aware of how these changes impact your business and how to handle them.

  • The importance of time management
  • Creating a brand identity
  • Outsourcing to save you time
  • The Sales Conversation
  • Getting your Social Media under control
  • Facebook Advertising on a budget
  • ....and more....

Bonus Modules

In addition to the training modules you get video/audio manifestation exercises and motivational training.

Plus we regularly celebrate your successes and ensure you are taking care of yourself.

PLUS - we have a massively supportive and responsive Facebook group

PLUS we are adding guest modules and interviews on specialist topics

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